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Catch breast cancer sooner.

Learn your risk in less than 2 minutes and get virtual support from a breast specialist.

Starting at $49.99
FSA/HSA eligible

Learn your risk
*Gabbi is not intended for women previously diagnosed with breast cancer.

Why Gabbi?

Personalized risk assessment

Developed by a team of experts in genetics, oncology, and data science, the Gabbi Risk Assessment calculates your breast cancer risk level.

Same and next day virtual appointments

Don’t wait weeks or months to get answers. Book a virtual appointment ASAP to review your risk and make a plan.

Compassionate experts

You’ll get immediate and ongoing care from a board certified nurse practitioner who specializes in breast health.

Tests ordered and scheduled

Your specialist can order appropriate tests and screenings for you and help you find the most convenient & cost-effective in-network testing locations. 

We meet you wherever you're at

If you want to learn about your risk factors.

Gabbi can:

  • Assess your personal risk of breast cancer.
  • Develop a plan based on your risk.

If you found a lump in your breast.

Gabbi can:

  • Order a mammogram or breast MRI to get the answers you need.

If you need genetic testing after a family diagnosis.

Gabbi can:

  • Provide genetic counseling to discuss your options.
  • Order genetic testing, shipped to your home or at a local lab.

Learn your risk

What to expect at your virtual visit

same or next day care


Assess your personal risk

Review your individual risk of breast cancer with your specialist and discuss the specific factors that are driving your risk. 

Learn your risk
I found a lump, do I need a mammogram?
My relative was diagnosed, should I get tested?
How can I reduce my personal risk?


Receive a personal care plan

Your specialist will share a personalized plan; whether it’s steps to take to reduce your individual risk, or facilitating the testing and imaging you need. If you want to discuss your risk with your doctor, your specialist can equip you with questions.


Tests ordered & scheduled

Get the right care, faster and easier. If your provider recommends additional testing (mammogram, genetic testing, breast MRI, etc.), they can order the tests and help you find the most convenient & cost-effective in-network testing locations.

Learn your risk

When caught early, the survival rate of breast cancer is 99%.

Don’t wait – let’s make a plan together.

Learn your risk

We Are Experts

Gabbi's providers specialize in breast health. They listen, support, and help you stay in control of your own health.

Learn your risk

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Learn Your Risk

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About Us

Our Story

Kaitlin Christine, Gabbi’s Founder and CEO, lost her mom to late-stage breast cancer in 2013. Despite regular mammograms, her mom’s cancer went undetected; it took four types of testing to ultimately find it, and by then it was too late. Shortly after her mom passed away, Kaitlin found a lump herself when she was just 24. During preventative surgery to limit her risk, she too was diagnosed with breast cancer. Kaitlin made it her mission to eradicate late-stage breast cancer, and spent a decade specializing in hereditary cancer at leading healthcare companies. She launched Gabbi to save lives with prevention and early detection tools.

Together, we can make late-stage cancer obsolete.

Learn Your Risk

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