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90% of women don’t know their risk of breast cancer

Understanding your risk is the first step toward catching breast cancer early and saving your life.

Learn your risk
Source: Gabbi Internal Research

Our Mission

To make all late stage breast cancer obsolete.

The five-year survival rate for an early-stage breast cancer diagnosis is 99%.

By empowering women with prevention and early detection tools, we can ensure that no woman is faced with a life-threatening late-stage diagnosis.

Source: U.S. Breast Cancer Statistics, 2021

Early diagnosis saves lives.

Know your risk. Prevent late-stage breast cancer.

When breast cancer is diagnosed early, the survival rate is high.
When diagnosed early, the survival rate is high.

99%survival rate (5-year)

When diagnosed late, the survival rate is low.

30%survival rate (5-year)

Source: U.S. Breast Cancer Statistics, 2021

How It Works

Taking control of your breast health can save your life!

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    Take the Risk Assessment

    It only takes a few minutes to gather your basic health info.

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    Learn Your Risk

    Our proprietary algorithm compares your data against the world’s largest and most diverse breast cancer dataset to develop an accurate estimate of your risk.

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    Get Your Action Plan

    Take control of your breast health with a personalized action plan.

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    Get Support from Gabbi

    Did you find a lump? We’ll help you navigate the healthcare system every step of the way, from diagnostics to care plans.

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    Save Your Life

    If you can catch breast cancer in its early stage, you’re significantly more likely to survive. We’ll help you stay on top of your breast health.

Why It Matters

We’re putting prevention and early detection tools in the palm of your hand

33%of women have an increased risk of breast cancer

80%of young women's breast cancer cases are first detected by the patient, not their doctor.

Source: American Cancer Statistics, 2022 – Key Statistics for Breast Cancer

Hear from Our Community

Gabbi's Proprietary Algorithm

We've developed the most accurate breast cancer risk assessment to help all women understand their risk.

The Basics

Demographic factors like age, race and more have a big impact on your breast cancer risk.


Certain lifestyle factors, like how much you eat red meat and how often you exercise, are thought to contribute to breast cancer risk.

Medical History

Birth control history, other types of cancer, genetic mutations, and more all play a role in determining your breast cancer risk.

Family History

Your family's history with cancer is one of the strongest predictors of your breast cancer risk.

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About Us

Our Story

Kaitlin Christine, Gabbi’s Founder and CEO, lost her mom to late-stage breast cancer in 2013. Despite regular mammograms, her mom’s cancer went undetected; it took four types of testing to ultimately find it, and by then it was too late. Shortly after her mom passed away, Kaitlin found a lump herself when she was just 24. During preventative surgery to limit her risk, she too was diagnosed with breast cancer. Kaitlin made it her mission to eradicate late-stage breast cancer, and spent a decade specializing in hereditary cancer at leading healthcare companies. She launched Gabbi to save lives with prevention and early detection tools.

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Together, we can make late-stage cancer obsolete.

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