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Do you know your risk of breast cancer?

Get access to our validated breast cancer risk assessment, and telehealth support from a nurse practitioner.

Learn your risk

How It Works

At an increased risk? Gabbi has you covered.

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Understand the best next steps for you

  • Being aware of your breast health is like wearing sunscreen - an easy way to take care of yourself.
  • Your personalized risk results are unique to you. The Gabbi team can help you understand your best path forward.
  • And good news… you can decrease your risk over time.
Learn your risk
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What does my risk mean?
How can I improve my risk?
Will insurance cover my Mammogram?


Speak with one of our breast health experts

  • Discuss your immediate concerns & symptoms with a licensed nurse practitioner trained in breast health.
  • A safe space for your questions.
  • Come out empowered with clear next steps.
  • In-network coverage for most insurances at the cost of a Specialist Copay (usually listed on your insurance card). FSA & HSA accepted.
  • Follow-up care whenever you need it.


Get answers

  • Your Gabbi clinician can order appropriate tests or screenings for you.
  • She'll help you find the most convenient & cost-effective in-network locations.
  • If you've already scheduled a visit with your PCP or OBGYN, your Gabbi clinician will equip you with a list of questions for a thorough second opinion.
Learn your risk

Personalized Risk Score


Risk Assessment

In just a few minutes of your time, our risk assessment combines information about your family history of cancer, ancestry, lifestyle, knowledge of genetic mutations, childbearing history, and more to determine whether you're at average or increased risk for breast cancer.

Risk Report

You'll not only learn your risk, but you'll see which factors specifically drive that risk. Knowledge is power, and not all risk is created equal. You'll learn what steps you can take to decrease your risk over time, and how those actions can lead to early diagnosis that can save your life.

1:1 Virtual Appointments

Covered by your insurance. FSA & HSA accepted

Clinical Support via Telehealth

Our team of clinical breast specialists sere as your partner for optimal breast health. We conduct virtual telehealth appointments to help you better understand your risk and design an achievable action plan (screenings, genetic testing, etc.) based on your unique risk profile. Our care team cares deeply about our patients. We listen and we work on your behalf to make sure you get the care you need.

*Gabbi is covered by most major health insurance plans at the cost of a Specialist Copay (usually listed on your insurance card). Your Gabbi clinician can share estimated costs with you at the beginning of your virtual visit, and you can cancel your visit if you wish without a fee. You can use FSA or HSA funds.

We Are Experts

Gabbi's providers specialize in breast health. They listen, support, and help you stay in control of your own health.

Learn your risk

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Learn Your Risk

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About Us

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Kaitlin Christine, Gabbi’s Founder and CEO, lost her mom to late-stage breast cancer in 2013. Despite regular mammograms, her mom’s cancer went undetected; it took four types of testing to ultimately find it, and by then it was too late. Shortly after her mom passed away, Kaitlin found a lump herself when she was just 24. During preventative surgery to limit her risk, she too was diagnosed with breast cancer. Kaitlin made it her mission to eradicate late-stage breast cancer, and spent a decade specializing in hereditary cancer at leading healthcare companies. She launched Gabbi to save lives with prevention and early detection tools.

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Together, we can make late-stage cancer obsolete.

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